Solara Medical Supplies

  • CEM/CRM Platform Solution

Lead UX Designer


Designed the UI and core functionality of the application.

How do you combine the workflow of five departments using 5 different applications into a one seamless product? That was the problem that was being solved for our client.

We kicked the project off with a discovery phase. I spent countless hours going to each of the five departments and interviewed and shadowed people in each department all in the name of understanding the user. I'm not gonna lie; it was daunting, but I was able to gain valuable insights into how to best design a solution.

The solutions was a system that tracked patient engagement along the business pipeline as they moved from Intake, Internal Sales, Document Collections Group, Pharmacy, and Quality Assurance. The system would keep track of all the tasks and documents required to service patients with their needed medical devices while prompting the users to complete the most urgent and time sensitive tasks first.