Real Estate Lab

  • Multi-Family Property Analyzer

Lead UX Designer


Designed the UI and core functionality of the application.

Our client came to us wanting to turn his Excel based multi-family property analyzer into a full blown application. Having already sold his analyzer to hundreds of real estate investors, he wanted to expand the scope and usability of his product due to the limitations Excel presented and the training required for people to understand the analyzer fully.

One of the main problems presented by the Excel analyzer was that it was cumbersome. Accurately analyzing a property required manual copying and pasting of data from property rent rolls and t12 financial statements into fields spread across multiple tabs in the analyzer. The client had to spend considerable time teaching his customers how to use the product. In order to solve this problem, one of the solutions was the design of an automated rent roll and t12 parser. This would allow users to upload rent rolls and t12s and with some minor adjustments, the analyzer application would pull data from these files to populate input fields and charts in the analyzer allowing the user to see a prediction of their returns if they invested in the property.